Megas Yeeros took part in the NRA food show in Chicago, May 21-24 of 2016. The show is the largest annual gathering of the restaurant, foodservice and hospitality industry. During the show Megas Yeeros launched 4 new products and presented its product categories to distributors and restaurants. One of the new products, AL Pastor is a new Hispanic line, which takes the authentic Greek recipe and enhances it with spices and chilies. The product opens the door for the wide Latin market in the United States.

Great interest was also shown for Megas Yeeros clean label approach, which guarantees gluten-free and MSG-free products as well as the use of natural alternatives to artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.

Strategic partnerships were made and Megas Yeeros spread its reputation worldwide in this international event, ensuring its excellent products take the seat they deserve at the global table.


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