Dear Valued Customer,

First and foremost we wish for the health of everyone’s family and friends in this time.

We appreciate your continues trust in Megas Yeeros to deliver you a wholesome product with everyone’s health and safety in mind. During this period of emergency due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Megas Yeeros has taken extra measures, in addition to our everyday food safety and hygiene policies, to mitigate the risk of spreading this virus

Megas Yeeros is actively following updates and implementing practices suggested by credible agencies such as the World Health Organization and Center for Disease Control. Furthermore, here are some of the added measures we have enforced:

• Hygiene accessibility has been increased. This includes additional hand sanitizing dispensers in prominent locations and signs bringing awareness to the situation.

• All staff have been reinforced on Good Manufacturing Practiced and it is being strictly enforced.

• We are using cleaning chemicals with demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to COVID-19 as recommended by our nationally recognized sanitation provider.

• Frequent routine sanitation practices are implemented to disinfect office and production areas.

• Visitors to our facility have been minimized and are screened for illness.

• Employees and contractors are educated on the situation and not permitted to work under any feeling of illness

• We have contracted an external medical practitioner to assess our staff and provide professional advice.

At this point we believe all possible precaution has been taken to prepare for and mitigate the risk of contamination and spread of COVID-19 within our operation. We plan on continuing production as we monitor the situation day by day and closely follow this situation. We will continue to keep you informed should anything change, and we appreciate your continued business.


Nikos Stergiou
Managing Director, US

Jason Udrija
Food Safety Manager

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