Research and Development


The quest for new, healthy taste is constant. Thanks to our Greek temperament, we are inventive, passionate and curious. As a company with a dedicated Research & Development (R&D) Department, we love experimenting with new culinary concepts that help our partners bring something new to the table.

To achieve this, innovation isn’t just a word. At Megas Yeeros, it is a way of being. We feel that our Research and Development (R&D) Department is not just another corner office, but a powerhouse crafting the future of flavor. Its purpose is to conceive and develop new products that successfully balance flavor. To respond to new dietary trends for health-conscious consumers, we create new products, based on healthy recipes.

Setting the table for our partners’ success is our biggest aspiration.
Supporting our partners’ growth with authentic products that stay on the edge of modern dietary trends.
Passion-driven research & product development enable us to push our industry forward and help our partners thrive.

A pledge to innovation

Our specialized scientific collaborators conduct in-depth studies of contemporary dietary trends around the world, while helping us to maintain the traditional elements of Greek cooking unchanged.

At the same time, they highlight important values, synonymous with consistent, superior quality. This way, we ensure that our products are not just tasty, but health-conscious too and fully aligned with our clean label philosophy.

Innovating with benefits

Since the inception of our R&D Department, we have launched a wide range of new products, following research. One thing we focus on particularly is the thorough documentation of data and processes in the industry.

Ultimately, it is essential that any new products we manufacture comply with internal benchmarks of our team. These include a variety of benefits for our clients ranging from authenticity of flavor, cook to order products, easy handling, portion control, amazing taste and, of course, premium quality of ingredients.

Partnering with universities

With continuous improvement as a guiding principle, Megas Yeeros constantly invests in scientific research. Some of the research projects undertaken are in collaboration with the Agricultural University of Athens, with the University of West Attica and with The Food Innovation Center at Rutgers.

The objective of the first survey was to study the behavior of gyros during baking, as well as to compare fresh and frozen gyros. The results of the research were presented at the “First scientific conference for the management of Yeeros”, during a workshop organized by the company, attended by catering partners, regulatory authorities and guests from the media.