Megas Yeeros has heavily invested in the establishment of a dedicated Training & Development Department, consisting of many skilled and experienced professionals. Our expert team has a complete and in-depth know-how that can prove to be invaluable to many businesses entrusting us with the selection of our products for their menu.

The specialized team members of the Department act as consultants and educators with the aim of making the maximum contribution to the development of our partners. To achieve optimal functionality, our team plans and organizes the operation of their stores.

We take pride in being one of the few companies of our field providing unique customer-oriented services.We provide support and guidance to our partners thanks to our consulting team’s specialized knowledge.Growing our clients business with our products is a two-way process of learning and trusting.We want to empower our clients to save on labor time and food cost, maximize profitability and ensure top quality flavor.


The purpose of our consultation is to provide solutions to our clients that resolve daily business challenges. Labor time is one of them. Our Training & Development team designs menus based on a particular recipe and offers insightful advice to our partners to optimize kitchen efficiency while significantly saving on labor time.

This translates to reduced time sourcing raw materials and prepping sliced products. While capturing Greek Traditions and Mediterranean Flavors for the end consumer, we also develop product lines with multiple operational benefits: easy menu integration and easy preparation.


Can you reach top quality flavor, save big on food cost and improve profitability? That is a matter we consistently address so we can provide solutions with measurable value to our clients. Our Training & Development team advises clients on the food cost of each recipe that includes Megas Yeeros products.

The ultimate goal is to improve profitability, reduce waste by eliminating trimmings and weight from excess liquids and maintain flavor consistency.


As our promise for excellence and innovation is continuous and uncompromising, it is crucial for us to create a long-term relationship of trust and respect with our clients. Afterall, this is the foundation of mutual development- for our partners and for Megas Yeeros.

Consulting allows us to listen closer to our clients’ needs and problems and come back with newly flourished ideas, creative problem-solving and innovative thinking to serve their business goals more efficiently.