Quality Assurance


We are firm believers that exceptional taste goes hand in hand with top-notch quality. Every bite of our products has to be a testament to our commitment to excellence! When it comes to hygiene and food safety, we leave no stone unturned. We created our Quality Department to make sure we safeguard this commitment in every step of production.

We adhere to both applicable legislation and the elevated benchmarks of top quality standards. Our international acclaim owes much to prestigious certifications of excellence for our production units, corporate rules and health and safety management, such as ISO22000, IFSBRC and USDA. These certifications have not only distinguished us in our homeland, but have also amplified our presence across 5 continents.

Our facilities are ergonomically designed for handling and processing meat with maximum safety.Our production is spread across one level to prevent unnecessary movement of materials and people, minimizing contamination risk.We use cutting-edge machinery and the latest technology solutions to eliminate human error and maintain product consistency.

Quality Control

As quality is a non-negotiable value for Megas Yeeros, our policies are designed to serve it the best way possible. We continuously review and update them, to ensure they remain relevant to all industry changes and advancements.

Our team at the Quality Department performs thorough checks on incoming raw materials and monitors across all Critical Control Points, until the final product hits the shelves and sampling takes place. A traceability system is applied throughout our supply chain. Furthermore, all our products are made using authentic meat, as demonstrated by our Integrated Quality Management System.


Launching a fully equipped, state-of-the-art laboratory is something we are particularly proud of. In fact, we were one of the first companies in our sector to do so. Our scientists carry out daily microbiological tests (on raw materials, final products, work surfaces and equipment), as well as chemical tests on the composition of raw materials and final products.

They also perform analysis to make sure cleaning and disinfection are properly done, as well as tests to detect allergens in our products (such as gluten, soy, etc.)


Maintaining top quality products means constantly acquiring new knowledge. Training is of paramount importance to meet our standards and objectives. It equips our team to follow industrial hygiene practices and maintain stringent food safety policies.

At the same time, we go the extra mile, sharing our strong commitment to excellence with our customers through periodic seminars. These sessions include an exclusive tour of the production areas and the chemical laboratory of the factory unit.