Fast Casual street food

The “Fast Casual Dining” concept is based on a simple menu, few choice items customized by the customer, quick service, fresh “Real Food” ingredients in a clean modern environment and promoting natural, healthier, environmentally friendlier sustainable food resources. It is the choice of younger generations, who also favor ethnic cuisines for the same reasons.

Megas Yeeros responds to the new social and environmental messages. It follows trends by investing in new technologies and product innovation. In a respond to the demand for ethnic food, it enhanced its range with a Hispanic and an Arabic line. Within a year, it has introduced more than 10 new products for these lines.

Tsi Tsi - Greece

Tsi Tsi opened its doors in 2014 and has today 3 restaurants in some of the main Athens suburbs. It delivers its Fast Casual Dining concept in a proper restaurant environment of 300 – 400 sq m. Its star product is yeeros and they are very popular for their lively atmosphere.

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