Social Responsibility

Megas Yeeros Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategic plan is to establish transparent and responsible business behavior. Our company’s corporate culture is guided by the belief that entrepreneurship must be governed by moral values and ethical principles, which form a strong and uninterrupted alliance with the conpany’s employees, the environment and society.

Our CSR strategy reflects on the following values

  • Pleasant and ergonomic working environment
  • Protection of workers’ rights and human rights in general
  • Support of local communities and on a larger scale of society
  • Credibility, consistency and respect to our customers
Environmental Policy

We understand the importance of keeping our environment clean. This is why we recycle our waste and use materials and resources in a way to prevent pollution and minimize emissions. From the very beginning, we have been using inverter devices which offer a 20% power saving, are better operated, more secure and work without electrical noise.

We obtain water by using the wind. Our water supply is adequate by using wind turbines and a biological cleaning unit. It is very important for us to encourage any kind of initiative that helps shape better conditions for society and the environment.

Clean Label Approach

Our clean label approach ensures our meats are gluten-free and MSG-free. We process our ingredients only to a minimal extend and prefer natural alternatives to artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Overall, we follow a pre-industrialized food system to make our products.

We focus on natural ingredients, one example being chia seeds, a source of omega-3, which helps in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and reportedly lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides. Another example is psyllium, a source of soluble fiber, which also helps in the prevention of cardiovascular disease by slowing the absorption rate of LDL cholesterol and improve blood glucose.