Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Megas Yeeros production facilities were designed specifically for meat products and meat preparations and it is one of the few in the US that has researched and invested such a considerable amount of money in order to bring ergonomics to the factory floor.

Our facilities are accommodated on a single level in order to prevent any crossings of product and personnel. In this way any risks of meat contamination are avoided. We use only the latest in meat processing equipment and every production stage is constantly enhanced with new mechanical solutions on order to eliminate human error. For example, the meat is being filleted in filleting machines with removable knives to ensure uniform appearance.


Essential records of all data entry are executed and implemented right through to production in order to create the final product.

One of the most important activities of the department is educating and training our employees into implementing the rules of Good Manufacturing Practices regarding an up to date and solid health and food safety policy.

The quality assurance and the production department create development programs that bring innovative products into the light. Existing products undergo continuous testing in order to reach maximum optimization.

Certifiacates that assure our quality

One of the most important factors in becoming an acknowledged global brand and a key player in the market are the certifications the company ia allocated for its excellent production units, strict corporate rules and health and safety management.

The company’s key to success is that it was constantly several steps in front of its competition within its sector.

This provides a competitive advantage to think big and pursue the highest standards possible.

R & D Programs

We never stop evolving. Never stop developing our products. Never stop enhancing the old and inventing the new. We invest in research and development in a big way, bringing new recipes to the light and innovation into the global market.

Highly acclaimed food technologists work daily to ensure stability, quality and product development. The department is geared to create innovative products, which are both delicious and healthy. Constant research is made in co-operation with universities, like Rutgers University Food Innovation Center.


Monitoring consumption, the Megas Yeeros group is geared consistently to create innovative products that enhance the experience of the end user, both as a tasty meal as well as possessing nutritional value.

Our most famous innovative products are:

Mega Politiko with yoghurt
Greek bifteki with Feta
Al Pastror Strips
Adobo Al Pastor