Top international player

We are a top international player in yeeros sales. We evolve constantly by developing flavors and producing innovative products. Not only do we provide our B2B clients with superb products, we also take pride in introducing them to preeminent business practices, which results in improving their service and excel in the overall presentation of their business.


Our R&D department shakes up the marketplace by launching new products. A combination of the newest nutritional trends and traditional recipes results into mouthwatering and healthy dishes.

We evolve flavor, through investing in cutting-edge quality assurance knowledge. Our high level of quality assurance and the use of the latest technical equipment is the heart of our success story. Our backbone is our people who work constantly towards a common goal by turning our company’s ambition into reality.


Our major business opportunity and challenge is to feed a vast number of people who share similarities in their cuisines such as the peoples of the Mediterranean (Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Arabic and Greek). In order to do this, we provide a large number of restaurants with high quality and healthy but cost efficient food products, which is easy to make and tastes utterly delicious.