Megas Yeeros and its 3 levels of excellence
For a healthier and tastier product, our company uses only the highest quality of meat, without the use of MSG or preservatives
All our products are USDA approved and made in our state-of-the-art facilities under the strictest quality guidelines
All our recipes are based on the nutritional values of the Mediterranean diet
Megas Yeeros in numbers
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Our Products
Think healthy. Eat different

Have you ever tried yeeros? No, I don’t mean gyros, I mean YEE-rohs. We know how to pronounce it and we know how to produce it. In Megas Yeeros, we create the authentic Greek yeeros marinated in the simplest and purest ingredients for this moist and delicious taste, which has made it famous around the world!

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MY Yeeros
Megas Yeeros Grillers
The authentic Greek. Food for the gods

We use nothing but fresh high quality meat. Unlike the usual industrialized practices, we marinate our products in ingredients Greek nature gives us in abundance and are renowned for their antioxidant activity.

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Mexican hot and spicy bestsellers

Made to be loved. Our Hispanic line contains a great variety of chili peppers from around the world, tropical fruit such as mangos, papaya and pineapple, vegetables, root vegetables such as yuca, and indigenous plants like achiote.

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Megas Yeeros Mega Sabor
Megas Yeeros MY Halal
Rich, delicious and aromatic for that ethnic feel

A treat for the senses. It’s based on the most popular and authentic MY Halal recipes. Our "MY Halal" line is healthy and scrumptious. It uses premium quality meat, which has been marinated in extra virgin olive oil and authentic Eastern Mediterranean herbs and spices.

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Genuine Greek. Made American

All products are made with whole muscle Certified Angus Beef brand inside round, marinated with fresh herbs and spices, and hand-stacked.

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Megas Yeeros Certified Angus Beef
Our Facilities

Megas Yeeros state-of-the-art production facility was built in May 2014. Located within the area of New Jersey, in Lyndhurst, it is only a first step towards a broader goal to make the brand global.

MY Distribution

Megas Yeeros serves fresh and delicious food in five continents. Every day. Selected partners distribute our products through every US state and country in the world. For information about distribution in your area, click below.